LisaCaitlin Perri gives database advice

Recent Clients

Fundraising Counsel
Durham Children’s Initiative
Durham Library Foundation
Eno River Association
Rams Club
Trinity Academy

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Indiana
Durham Public Schools Foundation
Housing for New Hope

LisaCaitlin Perri, Senior Associate, Director of Research, Co-Director of m+r interim solutions

LisaCaitlin Perri works on database consulting, wealth and philanthropy screening, client evaluation needs, and m+r interim solutions. She joined moss+ross in 2012 after a shift from quality management of behavioral health service delivery to development work with hospital hospitality houses.   

LisaCaitlin specializes in helping clients take advantage of the development data and data management tools they already have or find tech solutions that are better suited to their goals and staff capacity. 

LisaCaitlin has been a volunteer with the League of Upper Extremity Wrestling Women of Durham since its inaugural fundraiser in 2010. She has a master’s degree in clinical psychology from Duke University and an undergraduate degree in psychological and brain sciences from Johns Hopkins University.

LisaCaitlin and her husband will readily share stories with you about their dogs and cats. You can typically find them in their garden or on a motorcycle.

Fun fact: LisaCaitlin’s informal first moss+ross interview was with Kim Glenn at the North Carolina Museum of Art’s Rembrandt in America exhibit.