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Executive Search services include fully managed searches for executive-level and development professionals for Triangle-based nonprofits. We have experience with community-based nonprofits, universities, healthcare systems, and independent schools. We work with clients to ensure searches are equitable and inclusive, including criteria for position descriptions, outreach to a diverse set of candidates (local to national), and guidance for conducting interviews.

moss+ross can manage the entire process, working with board members, staff and stakeholders to customize a job description, recruit applicants, interview candidates, and help you hire the best fit for your organization, ensuring a seamless transition into the role. Our partners and search associates have decades of experience and connections, and we strive to create a partnership with each client that is effective, personalized, and enjoyable. Unlike firms from outside of the region, we live with the outcomes of our work, and we know how the success of a new nonprofit executive will impact our community.

A search offers a unique opportunity to assess a nonprofit’s needs and goals to determine the exact skill set needed to help the organization now and in the future. moss+ross offers a range of options from comprehensive services to more targeted consulting on position descriptions, candidate screening, and transition and succession planning.

To discuss how moss+ross can help with your executive or staff search, please contact us. If you are looking for a position, see Job Postings.


moss+ross can create a stronger applicant pool in support of your organization’s search process. Some organizations have their own methods and teams in place for managing the search process; what they lack is the time and personnel to source the best applicants. This is where our search sourcing solutions can support your process and search team. The moss+ross sourcing team draws from the firm’s expertise in managing searches and builds on the professional experience of our team members with histories working in university, independent school, healthcare, and community nonprofit settings.


moss+ross can work with your organization to develop transition and succession plans that will help minimize disruption during leadership transitions, whether the transitions are planned or sudden.

As part of the moss+ross Executive Search service, we can help craft a plan to make sure your new executive has a seamless transition into your organization. We will tailor the plan to the needs and goals of the organization as well as the strengths of the executive. Current board and staff members will need to pay special attention to the new executive during the first 90 days and then the first six months. A lack of strategy during these key time periods results in unnecessary communication gaps and early turnover.

If your organization requires interim staffing during a transition, moss+ross can provide full or part-time coverage to ensure important projects stay on track, through our m+r interim solutions division.

Succession planning is a key responsibility of a board, and moss+ross can help your organization be proactive in thinking through plans for future leadership changes. We can help your organization develop a succession plan that clarifies roles, process, and decision making, as well as regular monitoring for updates.


The board of directors at a Durham nonprofit retained moss+ross to conduct its search for a new executive director. We helped develop a comprehensive job description and then publicized it in appropriate media and professional networks. We reviewed and ranked applicants, conducted telephone or preliminary interviews, and prepared a summary analysis so the client could select finalists. We then completed reference checks and prepared interview questions before inviting candidates to interview with the search committee. A highly skilled executive director was hired and we assisted with finalizing the transition details.


A Raleigh client called on moss+ross to help support its search process with additional candidates that would broaden the applicant pool. This organization had its own methods and teams in place for managing the search process; moss+ross researched and identified additional applicants, including from our propriety list of 1,500+ nonprofit professionals, and reached out personally to selective candidates in our database. We kept the client informed of our activities throughout the duration of our contract, and were pleased to know the client hired one of the candidates moss+ross identified as the best person for the role.