Successful capital, endowment, major gifts, and comprehensive campaigns are the most methodical, all-encompassing fundraising efforts your organization will ever undertake. Careful planning including a feasibility study, dynamic written materials, and highly organized implementation will ensure success. moss+ross can help assess the readiness of your organization and test the feasibility of your goal with likely donors. We will work with you to create a detailed plan, including for quiet and public phases, and help manage your campaign every step of the way.

moss+ross will design your customized campaign plan based on your fundraising strengths. This detailed written document outlines the structure and strategies of your campaign as well as campaign policies, budget, naming opportunities, and a master calendar. It includes recommendations for the formation of a strong campaign leadership structure, volunteer identification and recruitment, training opportunities, and job descriptions. Solicitation training is available so that your Board members and volunteers feel empowered and ready to share the vision with their assigned prospects.

Campaign readiness also includes building a viable prospect list. moss+ross can help you maximize and build your existing prospect pool, including offering database analysis to uncover those who should be the focus of your cultivation efforts for your campaign. Once you are campaign ready, moss+ross can partner with you to provide ongoing counsel as needed, including overall direction, specialized training, prospect strategy, and troubleshooting needed to implement and direct the campaign to completion. This will include guidance on quiet phase efforts, public launch, and celebration at the end.


A feasibility study will help your organization set a fundraising goal and get ready for a campaign. The study will identify the highest campaign priorities, the amount of money that can be raised, potential prospects and volunteers, ideal timing, and external obstacles to success. moss+ross has conducted numerous studies and knows how to manage the process to position your organization for a campaign, regardless of the size.

The feasibility study includes personal interviews with key stakeholders (board members, donors, volunteers, and other investors you identify) to seek advice about important messages, strategies, prospects, volunteers, and gifts for the campaign. The conversations are based on a preliminary case statement, crafted by moss+ross to articulate the needs, and a guided questionnaire that assesses strengths and opportunities. An online survey can be developed to canvas additional insiders. Our recommendations are tailored to your organization and include timelines based on insights gained in the feasibility study.


Conducting a feasibility study is the first step in planning any campaign. For a client in Chapel Hill, moss+ross sought input from key stakeholders and identified potential for reaching the target fundraising goal. moss+ross specified areas that needed strengthening in preparation for a campaign, including organizational capacity, fundraising strategy and communications. The deliverable included timelines, budgetary considerations and action steps, which the client implemented to achieve its goal of launching a capital campaign.


A Durham organization celebrated a successful capital campaign based on the “playbook” developed in consultation with moss+ross. The organization is fortunate to have an active Board, talented staff, generous donors, and willing volunteers – but was also fully aware of needing a roadmap. moss+ross delivered a detailed campaign plan covering donor strategies for the quiet and community phases, volunteer roles and responsibilities, communications plans and collateral, and a master calendar. moss+ross provided the strategy and overall direction to implement the campaign to completion.