Talent Solutions for Nonprofits

Jun 18, 2024 | All Posts, From The Partners, Talent

by Lizzy Mottern, Vice President of Talent

One of the greatest challenges we hear from nonprofit leaders is identifying, hiring, and keeping top talent. We are also in touch with experienced professionals who are applying for jobs, interested in interim placements, and exploring opportunities for professional growth. Our work with nonprofit clients throughout the state, across many sectors, puts us in a unique position to bring organizations and talent together. We are advocates for both, informed by more than 15 years of working to meet organizations where they are so we can add value for all involved.

Every month, moss+ross teams work with 50+ nonprofits as they navigate challenges and create opportunities. We look for emerging needs and develop customized approaches by focusing on what organizations can gain, which opens the dialogue to incredibly creative possibilities. We offer three services focused on identifying, hiring, and retaining top talent. We deploy these services in any combination to meet the strategic needs of nonprofits:

  • Executive Searches for high-level leadership positions are an opportunity to reassess desired skills and experience, while appreciating the expertise that has contributed to your nonprofit’s success. We help you determine what is needed for your organization to reach the next level. We draw on our nuanced knowledge of nonprofits and tap into deep networks to identify candidates with the specific expertise and passion that will make them exceptionally qualified for your position. Top candidates have choices. They are willing to wait for the job that excites them, and the one that will allow them to have maximum impact.
  • m+r interim solutions® placements support your nonprofit with highly skilled, experienced nonprofit professionals who join your team to provide immediate support, which builds towards long-term success. Our affiliate contractors are motivated to support clients through periods of transition and growth. They know the work and are backed by the entire moss+ross They bring best practices, new ideas, and an objective view, all with the goal of leaving your organization stronger because they were there.
  • Leadership Development plays a major role in staff development and retention. Our specialized services support individuals and teams as they proactively plan for transitions, onboard new leaders, and enhance long-range vision. We customize each engagement to meet the interests of the leader(s). Our professional coaches thrive on helping individuals, and organizations, excel.

We know talent is where it all comes together or falls apart. In a nationwide survey of more than 3,400 nonprofit leaders, nearly 60 percent reported difficulty hiring and retaining staff. When we make a great match, including a short-term one, everybody wins, most of all those in our community who benefit from the success of your nonprofit.