By Susan Ross, Partner.

The media is calling it a “resignation revolution,” but when it happens in your shop it’s just painful.

Executive Directors, Directors of Development, and other nonprofit staff leaders play an integral role in a team’s ability to deliver the services clients expect, and stay true to the promises made to donors. In both large and small environments, a vacancy or two can wreak havoc on the remaining staff’s ability to perform as they scramble to keep up with an increased workload.

We have seen a huge uptick in clients needing executive search services this fall, and no signs of it slowing down. Whether or not this is related to the pandemic, the need for experienced, mission-focused leaders is very real. At moss+ross, we are poised to help with interim professional placement to keep things going, and to manage a search process to find a permanent solution.

In the last decade, moss+ross has brought great value to more than 72 clients by managing an organized search process, offering experienced guidance, and bringing great candidates to the table. Many nonprofits spend months trying to fill positions on their own without success, and their operations suffer. The emotional toll on overworked staff and Board members is usually a second casualty.

In this tight market, a posting alone will not do the trick.  moss+ross takes pride in the work we do behind the scenes to source a job vacancy, seeking qualified candidates who were not in the market. There is a special magic in being the connector between a search committee that has really thought about what they need in their next leader and the professional they select.

We do a great job with our executive searches based on our understanding of three things:  the client; the regional market on which we focus; and the fields in which we specialize (nonprofit leadership and development).  We charge a fair price for our work, and our clients are happy with the results.

Let us know if we can help you.