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Why you can’t afford to wait: The benefits of interim staffing by Kim Glenn

Your organization is planning a 30th anniversary gala, and hundreds of donors, board members, and honored guests will be invited to attend. It's a flagship moment in your history, an incredible opportunity to highlight your mission, boost sponsorships, and engage new donors. The event is only three months away when your development director suddenly gives you a two-week notice. Kim Glenn, Senior Associate at moss+ross Or worse still, your organization hasn't had a development director for more than a year. The position has been allowed to remain vacant to "save" money. The strategy worked at first, but a year later, your budget is shrinking as grant deadlines are missed, annual appeals go out late or not at all, and donors are overlooked. Whether you are a small, medium or even large non-profit, you most likely don't have the [...]

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How are you nurturing your donors?

When was the last time you sat down with your best donors, or potential donors, and invested your time and energy in them by listening to their ideas and truly matching their interests with the goals of your organization? Did you develop a meaningful plan to engage them fully? moss+ross has always emphasized that major gifts – "investments" – typically follow involvement and engagement. Here's an example from Susan Ross of how that can play out. A woman we know was interested in volunteering with an organization that addressed poverty issues. She approached one nonprofit that had a good reputation in the area, but found its particular approach was not a strong match for her. In a casual conversation she shared her experience with me, and I encouraged her to check out a nonprofit I had been supporting, and invited [...]

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