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Double Digits

By Susan Ross. Mary and I are thrilled that moss+ross is celebrating its 10th anniversary this month, and we just have to take a few minutes to reminisce about the journey. Over 10 years we have helped build shelters, schools, cathedrals, synagogues and museums; stabilized reserve funds and helped nonprofits merge; conducted assessments and written strategic plans; launched new initiatives and helped others reboot; managed dozens and dozens of searches and placed many interim staff members along the way.  We have worked on campaigns from $600,000 to $4.2 billion, and we still get excited when our clients get a big gift or cut a ribbon or hit their goals. moss+ross grew out of a shared vision to strengthen the capacity of our nonprofit community. We felt we could make a difference in this region with an expanded use [...]

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Who Are Your People? Find out in eight easy steps.

By Mary Moss. When growing up, this was one of the most often heard questions coming from the generations above.  I can remember not having a good answer for it.  I didn’t have “people” that I thought were description-worthy.  Frankly, I had no idea who “my people” were:  they were just a sister, grandparents and some distant cousins, so why did people keep asking me “who were my people”?  A few times I answered “Criminals who came over from Ireland” to much laughter.  As it turns out, once I got older and more comfortable with this question, I realized that those asking just wanted to know more about me; the question was not meant to be intrusive but a friendly colloquialism that invited conversation and connection.  In a nostalgic moment now and then, I wish I knew my [...]

Does everyone agree the timing is right for a campaign?

Faced with an historic building in need of crucial maintenance, Duke Memorial United Methodist Church followed our favorite piece of advice when it used its strategic plan as the foundation for campaign planning. In launching a needs-based campaign, the first step was hiring moss+ross to conduct a feasibility study to understand how best to approach the maintenance needs and other possible campaign elements. moss+ross Associate Erica Hill Through personal interviews and online surveys, moss+ross was able to vet proposed campaign priorities and get a clear picture of what the congregation wanted to fund and how much could be raised. Armed with this data, the organization's staff and volunteer leaders were able to move forward with a campaign knowing that the priorities and goal were the right ones.

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