Healing Transitions $23.8M Recovery Can’t Wait Campaign

Healing Transitions completed an historic $23.8M Recovery Can’t Wait campaign to expand its men’s and women’s campuses and expand addiction recovery services in Wake County. The moss+ross feasibility study provided the Board with specific guidance to help shape the goals of the campaign, and our detailed campaign plan provided a roadmap for the multi-year effort. As campaign counsel, we provided donor strategies, committee training, messaging, timelines, and interim staffing for development operations. We helped the campaign team pivot to a virtual groundbreaking during the pandemic and plan the in-person campaign celebration event in 2022.

We thank you for all the hours you spent in getting us off to a terrific start for our HT campaign! Your complete knowledge of how to develop a successful campaign, your specific strategies for nonprofits like ours, your strong training for our staff, and your continuing encouragement of our efforts have been invaluable. Thank you so much!
Carol and Bob Bilbro, Recovery Can’t Wait Campaign Co-Chairs, Healing Transitions

We are so appreciative of all the contributions you have made to helping us over the years. Our growth is directly attributable to moss+ross.”
Chris Budnick, Executive Director, Healing Transitions