moss+ross specializes in CEO/Executive Director and development professional searches for Triangle-based nonprofit organizations including community-based nonprofits, universities, and independent schools. We work with a client’s desired geographic scope – local to national – to find the best and the brightest in the field whether they are rising stars, veterans, local professionals, or searching from afar.

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Unlike firms from outside the region, we live with the outcomes of our work, and we know the success of the new executive is important to our community. We are in this business out of a respect for nonprofits and want our local nonprofit sector to be the best it can be.

moss+ross reviews applicants, conducts telephone or preliminary interviews and prepares a summary analysis for client review. After the client determines finalists, moss+ross facilitates reference checks and interview sessions and discussions. Once a client selects a candidate, moss+ross can help develop a competitive offer, negotiate with the selected finalist, and plan press announcements.

We can craft a plan for a new executive’s seamless transition into your organization, tailored to the needs and goals of the organization as well as the strengths of the executive. If your organization requires interim staffing during a transition, moss+ross can provide full or part-time coverage to ensure important projects stay on track.

There are no active searches being managed by moss+ross at this time. Please scroll down for openings posted on behalf of current and former clients.


moss+ross is not leading the following searches, but would like to share these opportunities with you on behalf of current or former clients.


From Read and Feed: “Read and Feed is seeking an Executive Director with a passion for improving the lives of young children by ensuring they are proficient in reading.  Relying primarily on hundreds of volunteers, the Executive Director will lead a small but effective team with an impact far beyond its number. The pandemic has created challenges for Read and Feed as it has for most organizations and businesses but the drive to assist children remains the same. The Board of Director is looking for a highly motivated, creative and talented leader with a background in leading volunteer-based organizations and who is ready to lead the organization through the pandemic and to even greater impact.” Click here for the job description.

EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, Saint Saviour’s Center

From St. Saviour’s: “Saint Saviour’s Center, a vibrant nonprofit in downtown Raleigh committed to supporting the low-income working community of Wake County, is seeking a new Executive Director to guide its programs. The primary role for the new ED will be fundraising, meeting with stakeholders and expanding the donor base to ensure funding for future operations.” Click here for the job description.