It’s Year-End: Pick up the Phone and Smile!

Nov 22, 2022 | All Posts, From The Partners, Highlights from the Latest Newsletter

By Mary Moss, Founding Partner.

Are you worried that you have not reached your year-end goals, that you have not talked to the people you thought you should, and that no one is returning your emails?

It’s not too late. Pick up the Phone and Smile!

In front of you, have the information you need: (1) their names and family names; (2) past giving amounts and patterns of what they usually support; (3) materials that will give you language about the impact of their gift and other details, and (4) how much you are going to ask for. If they have been a past supporter, thank them at least twice during your call. If they have not, make sure they know the impact their gift will have and how they will be recognized, if that’s important to them.

Wish them happy holidays, and let them know they matter to you and your organization. Follow up quickly to secure their gift, if you need to, because December 31st is just weeks away. I enjoy these calls because they keep me connected to those who care about my organization, and I hope you will, too.