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m+r Interim Solutions® & Talent

Staffing services range from temporary staffing to permanent executive search placements. Our leadership development programs ensure smooth transitions and support nonprofit leaders.

Please note: If you are looking for a position, see Job Postings for current openings and submit your resume to the moss+ross database to be considered for future openings.

m+r Interim Solutions®

Our short term and project-based staffing solutions are a cost-effective option when you need temporary, professional support. m+r Interim Solutions® contractors are experienced professionals who can step in and keep your nonprofit going during a staffing transition, hiring freeze, or as you create a position. We take great pride in becoming part of an organization’s team, having an immediate impact, and building toward long-term success.

Inquire about staffing services by completing the inquiry form. We will contact you to clarify details, and work to match an experienced affiliate contractor with your needs. If you want to be considered for our cadre of affiliate contractors, submit your resume to the moss+ross database.

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Type Of Positions

m+r Interim Solutions® contractors can fill a wide range of positions including:

  • Executive Director
  • Director of Development
  • Gift Officer
  • Campaign Support
  • Database/Data Processing
  • Grant Writer
  • Communications/Marketing
  • Event Coordinator
  • Finance
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What To Expect

  • m+r Interim Solutions® contractors can be available within a three-week turnaround and hit the ground running.
  • We customize each placement to your needs.
  • You typically pay an hourly rate. Unlike when you hire a staff person, you are not paying for benefits or paid time off.
  • Typical engagements last 3-6 months, and can be extended.
  • You have the backing of the moss+ross team and its experience working with hundreds of nonprofits.

Executive Search

Executive Search services for executive-level and development positions range from comprehensive and fully managed searches to more targeted consulting on position descriptions, candidate sourcing, candidate screening, and transition and succession planning. We work with clients to ensure searches are equitable and inclusive, including criteria for position descriptions, outreach to a diverse set of candidates (local to national), and guidance for conducting interviews.

A search offers an incredible opportunity to assess your needs and goals to determine the exact skill set needed to help your organization now and in the future. We have experience with community-based nonprofits, universities, healthcare systems, and independent schools. Unlike firms from outside of the region, we live with the outcomes of our work, and we know how the success of a new nonprofit executive will impact our community.

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Fully Managed Searches

moss+ross can manage the entire process, working with board members, staff and stakeholders to customize a position description, recruit applicants, interview candidates, and help you hire the best fit for your organization, ensuring a seamless transition into the role. Our partners and search associates have decades of experience and connections, and we strive to create a partnership with each client that is effective, personalized, and enjoyable.

  • Position descriptions
  • Announcements and targeted recruiting
  • Candidate screening
  • Reference checks
  • Interview facilitation
  • Offer negotiation
  • Communications
  • Transition planning
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Search Sourcing

Some organizations have their own methods and teams in place for managing the search process; what they lack is the time and personnel to source the best applicants. moss+ross can create a stronger applicant pool in support of your organization’s search process.

  • Candidate sourcing
  • Candidate screening
  • Position description review and posting
  • Announcements and candidate recruiting
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Leadership Development

Our personalized leadership development services are designed specifically for nonprofit leaders based on our deep understanding of opportunities and challenges in nonprofit management. We offer transition planning and onboarding for executives, visioning and succession planning with boards, and coaching for established and aspiring nonprofit leaders. We work together with clients to chart the course for sustainable leadership practices and optimal organizational performance.
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Transition and Succession Planning

Transition and succession plans minimize disruption and help clarify communication during leadership transitions, whether the leadership change is planned or sudden. We tailor transition plans to the needs and goals of the organization as well as the strengths of the incoming executive. Succession planning is a key responsibility of a board, and moss+ross can help your organization be proactive. We can help develop a succession plan that clarifies roles, process, and decision making, as well as regular monitoring for updates.

If your organization requires interim staffing during a transition, moss+ross can provide full or part-time coverage to ensure important projects stay on track, through m+r Interim Solutions®.

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Leadership Training

We can help leaders and teams strengthen relationships and productivity with custom training programs. Team retreats help teams build cohesion, optimize performance, and align around strategic priorities. Board training helps governing boards train new members, articulate organization mission and vision, and partner effectively with management.

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Personalized coaching helps leaders develop plans for impact, assess professional development needs and progress, and build sustainable habits, including for personal wellness. We offer strategic consultation, personal development, and skill building for key decision makers as well as for employees who seek growth.

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