From the Front Lines

Aug 26, 2016 | All Posts, Campaign Counsel, Client Highlights, Team Expertise

moss+ross helps clients plan and run campaigns of varying sizes and purposes, from under $1 million to $400 million. We asked two of our clients to talk about the benefits of working with us at various stages in their campaign planning and execution. 

The Rams Club at UNC has a long history of great fundraising, but a big campaign creates the opportunity to look creatively at complex messaging and funding structures as well as develop strategic funding goals. Executive Director John Montgomery reached out to moss+ross for involvement at multiple levels, and had this to say in response to the following question:

What did you find helpful about working with moss+ross on campaign readiness?

“We have just finished our second campaign planning retreat with Mary, Susan and Kim and they have provided our organization with an excellent roadmap for success. I think our campaign goal-setting session was the most impactful on our team. moss+ross raised our sights and challenged our fundraisers to think differently and embrace ambitious goals. This is exactly what our organization needed in order to be successful and achieve our goals in the upcoming campaign.”

(moss+ross is proud to work with The Rams Club — they’ve had a record-breaking year, too!)

Families Moving Forward recently completed a successful $650,000 campaign for facilities renovation following the merger of Genesis Home and the Durham Interfaith Hospitality Network. Campaign Co-Chair John Bowman shared his thoughts when asked the following question:

What was the value added of having a consulting firm involved?

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with moss+ross on several occasions. Most recently with our “Under One Roof” Campaign, Susan Ross and Brooke Jenkins assisted us, and their insight, support and staffing were essential to our success. More specifically, their knowledge of the community and key contacts in the area, combined with thoughtful suggestions about ‘the ask,’ were invaluable to the Campaign.”

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