Fresh Eyes from Trusted Partners

Aug 31, 2022 | From The Partners, Highlights from the Latest Newsletter, Team Expertise

By Kate Hearne, VP Corporate Services

Many of you count yourselves among our more than 230 clients, some with 10-12 different contracts (THANK YOU!) At moss+ross, we begin each client relationship with a base of mutual trust and respect, and through our expertise, bring fresh eyes to each and every engagement.

How do we bring fresh eyes after consulting on thousands (literally!) of projects over the past 14 years? The answer is simple: each client is an opportunity to make a difference. As I speak to prospective clients and develop proposals for partnering with them, I look for ways our team approach can be fully customized to each new project. It is exciting to match a client’s needs to what we bring, namely:

Creative thinking – With each engagement, we challenge ourselves to think beyond traditional approaches, consider new audiences and donor pools, seek new perspectives, and make new connections between people and organizations.

Skill building – Our team has a wide variety of skills, and we continually invest in professional development, including attending and teaching workshops and sharing new knowledge with each other. We also learn from our clients and bring those skills to our future engagements.

Listening – We listen with big ears and big hearts to understand what clients are truly seeking. While some might say, “We want to launch a $5 million capital campaign,” we hear, “We want to add classrooms, curriculum, and staff to serve an additional age group of preschoolers whose families are experiencing homelessness.”

Experience – Finally, we bring our experience to discern when it’s time for new ideas and how to combine these with trusted nonprofit best practices.

These competencies help us earn the title of trusted partner – one who values mutual respect, accountability, and success as we work to strengthen nonprofits in our community. Let us know how moss+ross can bring fresh eyes to your vision!