Expert Extra Hands

Mar 19, 2021 | All Posts, Staffing, Team Expertise

By Lizzy Mottern, Senior Associate.

m+r interim solutions can fill gaps to make everyone’s life a little easier – especially during fundraising campaigns. Affiliate contractor

Deborah Thompson has been working as a member of the North Carolina School of Science and Math development team to support their $50 million capital campaign.

“Each member of the NCSSM team already has a very full workload,” says Deborah. “One of the most beneficial parts of my role is that the team knows they can rely on me to drive many of the moving parts and pieces of the campaign.”

Deborah adds extra value by partnering with the moss+ross consulting team that was already on the project. The moss+ross counsel team develops strategy and focuses on long-term planning, and Deborah, the affiliate contractor on the ground, helps execute the plan.

During its early campaign planning, NCSSM had anticipated needing a campaign manager, but budget constraints prevented hiring one. Barb Coury, Vice Chancellor for Development and NCSSM Foundation President, knows campaigns are intense, and is glad that the school turned to m+r interim solutions to provide the staff support they needed.

Barb says they have been able to work with an expert who “can function as a full member of the team, contributing to donor strategy and growth plans, and helping keep the organization in lockstep with the moss+ross counsel team, making our professional lives easier.”

If having an extra set of hands to get the job done sounds good to you, we can help. In addition to supporting campaigns, our affiliate contractors have skills in development, executive director transitions, special projects, grant writing, and events.  We’d love to make your professional life a little easier.

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