Do you need a case statement? by Jeanne Murray

Oct 27, 2016 | All Posts, Campaign Counsel, Fundraising Counsel, Team Expertise

Whether it is quick-printed or a beautiful glossy piece, you need to make a solid case to your audience. The most important reason to have a case statement is to help donors understand how they can make a difference by participating in your campaign. The case statement describes the need and the opportunity, and answers the question, “why now?”. It assures donors you have thought through specific program goals and financial considerations, and describes the vision for a better future when you reach the campaign goal together.

moss+ross Associate Jeanne Murray

A recent client example is Durham Nativity School’s “Building the Dream” Campaign, which helped renovate a wonderful building gifted to this school for 5th-8th grade boys. The case described a campaign vision of “classrooms equipped for the needs of young men, stability in our community, and investment in a place where DNS men and their families will always have a home.” This clear message became part of all print and video campaign communications.