Cultivate Gratitude Throughout the Year

Nov 14, 2023 | All Posts, Fundraising Counsel, Highlights from the Latest Newsletter, Messaging, Team Expertise

By Anna White Hosea.

Gratitude and philanthropy go hand in hand. As we enter this season of giving and giving back, many nonprofits are thinking about Giving Tuesday campaigns. Now a firmly entrenched part of the shopping and spending days that follow Thanksgiving, Giving Tuesday on November 28 provides nonprofits with a messaging opportunity not to be missed. Donors and community members are primed to respond to messages asking for support on that day.

But what about the rest of the year? Successful nonprofits cultivate gratitude year-round, not just as the holidays approach.

Our clients’ mission-focused work requires patience and long-term planning. Through strategic planning, annual fundraising, and capital projects, our clients envision the future while mapping a clear pathway to get there. Nurturing a spirit of gratitude among donors, staff, and volunteers helps animate the work when success feels incremental.

Here are a few things that our team sees nonprofit leaders doing to cultivate gratitude year-round:

  • Writing a personal note to a board member to thank them for their time and service
  • Acknowledging the positive impact a staff person has on the nonprofit’s mission
  • Visiting with donors to say thank you for their generosity and asking for their advice
  • Reaching out to volunteers to appreciate their contributions
  • Recognizing a small step the organization is taking towards its long-term vision

Donors often experience gratitude as part of their giving, valuing the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in a nonprofit’s mission. Nonprofit leaders must make intentional efforts to reflect this spirit of generosity back to all the people who partner to achieve the mission. At moss+ross, we are grateful to our many nonprofit clients and friends who are helping to make our community stronger.