Celebrating Five Years

Feb 24, 2014 | All Posts, From The Partners, Team Updates

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When we decided to form moss+ross, our goal was—and still is—to help nonprofits in our community make an even greater impact. Now, five years later, we are so grateful to our client partners who have invited us to roll up our sleeves and work side-by-side with them to creatively enhance their work and strengthen our community.

To celebrate, we’d like to share some numerical representations of the past five years of moss+ross:

One: ambitious idea to create the consulting firm that really understands the dynamics that distinguish this region

Two: experienced co-founders who are also lifelong friends

16: carefully selected associates and affiliate consultants on our team

26: moss+ross clients who have hired us for multiple engagements

200+: years of team-member experience working on behalf of nonprofit organizations

10,177: gift records in our proprietary database

26,000: business miles driven per year by Mary and Susan working with clients all over our service area

27,300: records screened for information about individual wealth and philanthropy

Undisclosed: number of nights we worked past midnight

In the past year alone, in the extended moss+ross family, we have welcomed one baby boy, one grandson, and three in-laws.

When we reflect on the work of moss+ross over the past five years, the term that best captures how we feel is gratitude. We are grateful to our clients for allowing us to dive in and partner with them. We are grateful to the Triangle for being such a wonderful place for universities and nonprofit organizations. We are grateful to all the dedicated professionals who work tirelessly to enhance our lives, and we are grateful to donors in our area for fueling this important work.

As we consider what the next five years may bring, we are excited about how moss+ross can grow its resources to meet the needs of our thriving community.

Thank you!

Mary Moss and Susan Ross

moss+ross Co-Founders