Blossoming Together: Celebrating Volunteers

Apr 22, 2024 | All Posts, Talent, Team Expertise

By Antoinetta Mosley, Senior Associate.

April is National Volunteer Month! At moss+ross, we recognize and celebrate the extraordinary contributions of volunteers to the nonprofit sector. The dedication and commitment of volunteers reflect the power of collective action.

As I watched a documentary series on farming and flowers, I was struck by how volunteers resemble gardeners nurturing our communities and helping them grow. Their diverse experiences and contributions create an enriching, sustainable, and vibrant landscape for all.

Let us honor and continue to nurture relationships with our volunteers, ensuring that our communities flourish. To demonstrate appreciation for your volunteers, consider sowing these seeds of gratitude:

  • Highlight volunteers and their contributions via social media and your newsletter.
  • Host frequent volunteer appreciation events.
  • Offer learning opportunities for volunteers to continue to grow with your mission and stay engaged.
  • Solicit feedback from volunteers about their experiences and ideas. They often have fantastic ideas to help support your mission.
  • Collect the birthdays of those who want to opt in and send them a birthday card via email or an e-card.

Volunteers, I want to leave you with some words of encouragement. At the end of the documentary series, nationally known flower farmer Erin Benzakein provided a beautiful and striking quote: “The ripples you create are innumerable and unknowable. Make sure they are good ones. That is legacy.” Every small act creates lasting ripple effects that may be unquantifiable but are undeniable. Your commitment and dedication will continue to bear fruit for generations to come. Thank you for being so dedicated, through the winter and the spring, on the days when everything is organized, and the days when you can’t predict what your shift will bring.

Having led volunteer teams, I can say that there are never enough words to express the impact volunteers have on the mission. Our team at moss+ross is honored to walk alongside our clients and their volunteers on this beautiful journey!