By Lizzy Mottern, VP of Talent.

A transition is a chance to think creatively, consider different perspectives, address challenges and opportunities, and celebrate successes. When moss+ross gets a call to assist with temporary staffing through moss+ross interim solutionsTM or an Executive Search, we ask many, many questions to gather input and feedback, build trust, nurture relationships, and explore various solutions with a client.

The questions we ask, how we ask them, and whom we ask have a huge impact on our ability to understand a situation and develop meaningful, results-oriented approaches that allow clients to navigate a transition and maximize their investment in the staffing and search support we provide. Asking the right follow-up questions is another important way to dig in and fully explore challenging situations.

Here’s how we work to gain an understanding of an organization, where they are, where they want to go, and how we can help them get there:

• Ask why not just once, and not in the same way each time. Asking why multiple times gets below the symptoms and helps find the root cause of a challenge or concern.

• Ask open-ended questions – in a more casual tone, rather than a formal one – to help respondents feel comfortable sharing information. Our goal is to end sentences with a question mark, rather than a period.

• Consider all perspectives and make sure everyone is heard, especially in a group setting that includes staff and board members.

• Ask thoughtful follow-up questions to fully explore each situation and create a shared understanding of desired outcomes.

Each conversation is different because each organization is different. As you determine what you need, consider the things that are unique to your organization, the culture, expertise of team members, immediate priorities and how they support long-term goals. At moss+ross, we customize solutions so we can meet clients where they are. If your organization is preparing for a transition, or currently navigating one, we’d love to work with you.