By Jeanne Murray.

What does it mean to approach fundraising in an equitable way? We see many examples of organizations, foundations, boards, and nonprofit leaders taking action to be more equitable and inclusive in fundraising. Some examples:

  • Collaboration among nonprofits, from advocacy, to grant applications, to mergers
  • Intentionally inclusive fundraising, for example, fundraising events with tiered pricing
  • Partnering with communities for strategic planning and program development
  • Strengths-based framing in storytelling and messaging
  • Stewardship efforts that ask donors and participants “how do you want to be engaged?”

In the past year we have all felt the urgency to do better and be better, especially in partnering with communities to achieve results. moss+ross seeks to understand how we as individuals and as a firm can advance this conversation, and continue working with clients to help them promote deeper change. We must bring our knowledge of the profession, expertise in financial and strategic planning, and involvement as volunteers and donors ourselves to this important shift in our work.

As part of this continuing conversation, Partner Susan Ross is collaborating with Lois Deloatch (Executive Vice President, Self-Help) to lead a session at the NC Center for Nonprofits annual conference on November 4:  Advancing Equitable Fundraising: Partnering with Communities to Achieve Results.The interactive discussion will address how community-centered voices are essential in effective fundraising and strategies for getting there. Susan will share experiences from successful fundraising campaigns during this past year when many traditional approaches to fundraising have changed. Lois will share insights based on four decades of experience as a fundraiser, grantor, and administrator.

The answers are not the same for each of us, but we can work together on the right questions to be asking. Join the conversation by attending the conference, or reach out to moss+ross to talk about other ways to engage with us in this intentional work.