By Kim Glenn, President.

As moss+ross celebrates our 15th year, we are delighted to announce four new partners: Elizabeth Hopkins, Brooke Jenkins, Jeanne Murray, and Kathryn Williams. Founding Partners Mary Moss and Susan Ross will retain their roles as managing partners. They are not passing the torch, but rather expanding the number of torchbearers. Each of these new partners has been instrumental in the success of our firm by providing counsel for campaigns, searches, and strategic planning for clients throughout our region.

With our new 2024-2026 strategic plan, Impact That Matters, we are expanding our shared ownership and leadership model to support our firm’s goals: expanding our suite of customized services to help strengthen nonprofit communities throughout North Carolina, from the mountains to the coast.

Your success is our success. Your mission is our mission, and the challenges you confront and the needs you address are our shared responsibility, one that is best addressed by ensuring everyone has a seat at the table.

We welcome the opportunity to support you. Please visit our newly redesigned website at to learn more.